Birdwatching for beginners

Be familiar with the common birds.

Redshank, Tringa totanus. Photo Harriet Cederqvist.
Oystercatcher. Photo: Torsten Green-Petersen.

Learn the basics in birdwatching and get in touch with Gotlands most common beautiful birds. This is a workshop for beginners – you don’t need any previous knowledge. If you have little experience of birdwatching, you will develop your skills! The workshop mixes field studies and theory to get the best out of the day. The area we explore has a very rich birdlife. Species we may meet are Avocet, Shoveler, Teal and Shellduck. There is a good chance to spot raptors, Golden- and White-tailed Eagles included.

Birdwatching for beginners: Collared flycatcher
Birdwatching for beginners: Collared flycatcher

Sweden's best bird spots.

The birding spots in Gotland are one of the best in Sweden. The coast line and the coastal meadow are very rich in breeding birds. In March, the first birds are arriving. In April and Maj a huge number of Barnacle geese are resting. Already in early July the autumn migration is starting with a great variety of waders. The adults with beautiful breeding plumages are coming first.

Birdwatching for beginners: Litte gull. Photo: Torsten Green-Petersen.
Litte gull. Photo: Torsten Green-Petersen.

Previous knowledge

This workshop is for beginners – no previous knowledge required.

Included in birdwatching for beginners

  • One day workshop, excursion and theory.
  • Webb-based documentation, diploma and checklist.
  • Basic meal.
  • Small group, max 10 persons.
  • Borrow a binocular – book in advance.
Jim Sundberg, GotlandNature

Workshop leader

Jim Sundberg is the workshop leader. He has long and deep experience of ornithology and nature guiding. He has also a batchelor of education from Uppsala University. Jim have been leader of bird expeditions in Sweden and abroad in cooperation with AviFauna Nature Tours. He is very engaged to spread his knowledge to his students. Some of his special skills are bird sounds and raptors.

Birdwatching for beginners: Wryneck  (Jynx torquilla). Photo: Fredrik Ström.
Wryneck (Jynx torquilla). Photo: Fredrik Ström.

Tips of equipment

Sturdy shoes or boots. Warm clothes. Optionally Raincoat.


08:00 Guided excursion
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Theory class and reflections to morning’s excursion
16:00 End of workshop.

Birdwatching for beginners:  Little tern (Sternula albifrons). Photo: Fredrik Ström.
Little tern. Photo: Fredrik Ström.

Book the workshop

Birdwatching for beginners 2023

Time: Saturday June 17.
Place: Fårögården, Fårö.
Price: 1590 SEK  incl Swe tax.



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