Terms for booking


To be able to confirm your booking we need a deposit payment.
To confirm a booking made more than 30 days before the charter dates, we require a deposit of 20% of the total charter rate. The remaining amount is to be paid no less than 30 days before the charter dates. If the amount is not paid in time the booking is considered cancelled.
A booking made later than 30 days before the fishing dates requires that the whole charter rate is paid to be confirmed. Payments through invoice with IBAN-number. Please attach your invoice serial number to every payment. The confirmation is sent to you by email or by traditional mail.


If you cancel your trip more than 30 days before the dates of your charter the full payment will be returned. If you cancel later than 30 days before your charter we keep your deposit but return the rest of the payment if we have recieved it. If you cancel less than 10 days before the charter, we keep the deposit but return the rest of the payment if you send us a certificate from your MD that says you are too ill to do the trip.
GotlandNature.com reserves the right to cancel a guiding day due to disease or other unexpected events. If this happens you get your money back for the day in question minus lodging and food if you bought such from us. If we have to cancel due to rough weather conditions you are offered a new date within one year from the day in question. The deposit is not returned in these situations unless you choose not to book a new date. If you do not take the offer to book a new date you recieve your money back for the day/s in question minus lodging and food if you bought such from us.


The customer must follow the instructions/rules given by the guides and/or other staff. The customer is responsible for any damage to hotels, boats, fishing gear or other equipment that has happened due to the customers or any member of his groups´ recklessness. If the customer has any complaints, he or she should contact GotlandNature.com during the stay so we can work any problems out as soon as possible.
Even though GotlandNature.com has provided me with information, equipment and experienced guides, GotlandNature.com has informed that some of their activities are not completely safe. Some risks are connected to the activities and taking the risk away would remove an essential part of the experience. Some of these risks are part of the uniquness of our activities and might inflict damage to/loss of personal belongings, personal injury or in extreme cases death. I am aware that even experienced guides can make mistakes. I am also aware that the description of the risks is not complete and that unexpected things may occur. I take part in these activities voluntary and I choose to do so despite the risks. I confirm that I am fully capable to take part in these activities. Therefore I take full responsability for myself and any minors in my company concerning injury, death or loss of/damage to personal belongings and any costs that might follow. I am aware that a good insurance, including medical, covering all incidents that might occur, is my responsability. I know that GotlandNature.com takes no responsability for natural disasters, accidents, terrorist acts or other unexpected events.