Fossil safari- check up cool fossils at a beach

Gotland is one of the best places in Europe if you want to look at fossils. Here, along the stony beaches are fossil cuttlefishes, lamp shells, sea lilies and corals easy to find. Join the geologist and fossil expert Sara Eliasson on a one-day guiding tour, a fossil-safari, and you will explore this exciting, geological world.

Tropical coral reef

More than 400 years ago, the place that now is Gotland was close to the equator, in a warm, tropical sea swarmed with life. What today are rauks, consisting of limestone, were created from enormous coral reefs. Many of the fossils that we find today along the the beaches are remnants of the animals who lived in the sea. When the animals died, they sank to the bottom and were turned into sediment and became fossils.

Fossil safari - The geology of Gotland in one day

Fossilsafari: Geologen och fossilexperten Sara Eliasson guidar oss. Foto: Jim Sundberg/GotlandNature.
Fossil safari: The geologist and fossil expert is our guide.

During the fossil safari we walk along beautiful beaches where it is easy to find fossils that have come loose from more porous layers of the limestone. In the harder limestone reefs we find fossil remnants like stromatoporoids and coral formations. You can then take and keep a fossil or two as a souvenir.

Would you like to know more?

In the book “Gotlands fossil – en geologisk historia“(Sara Eliasson, 2021), you can read about gotlandic geology and what kinds of fossil you may find on the island. Sara brings a couple of the book for sale. You will find some pictures of common fossils here!

Fossilsafari: Vi letar efter fossiler längs stränder på norra Gotland. Ihreviken. Foto: Jim Sundberg/GotlandNature.
We search for fossils along beaches in northern Gotland.

A fossil safari includes

  • An experienced guide
  • Getting knowledge about Gotlandic geology and fossils
  • Transport by mini bus
  • Bring your own lunch


10:30 Meeting at the departure point in Visby: Kallbadhuset, the big parking lot at Strandvägen 2.

10:45 We travel to a suitable place where there are lots of fossils. We adjust to the weather and have our lunch outdoors.

17:00 The fossil safari ends in Visby.

Fossilsafari: olika typer av trilobiter som du kan hitta på Gotland. Foto: Jim Sundberg/GotlandNature.
Some of the trilobites we might see during the safari. The one furthest to the left is of the species “Calymene”.

Fossil safari

2024: August 4.

We arange safaris for groups. Contact us for a price!

Group size: 5-10 persons.

Price: 1190 SEK pp incl tax. 

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"The fossil safari tas interesting and I learned very much. Specially the story of how Gotland came from the equator to the Baltic Sea was amazing. The guide Sara was very skilled and made my day to a great memory"

Fossilsafari omdöme
Åsa Olofsson