Night Safari - enjoy the magic sounds of the night

Join a night safari and feel the magic sounds from Natures own musicians. The late spring is the time to hear sounds of the night. During a late night tour we go to Gotland’s best places for night-singing birds. Expected species are thrush nightingale, corncrake, woodcock, nightjar, grasshopper warbler, river warbler, spotted crake and may be quail. If it a still evening, the concert is intensive. If you are lucky – you have a chance to see an owl hunting.

Birds and bats

Magical night sounds

During the night we are listening to interesting sounds. Nightjar which has a great distribution in Gotland has a spinning sound, strange sound. The sound changes between two different frequencies. The Corncrake’s scientific name is onomatopoetic! Crex crex. It sounds like if you scratch a comb with your nail.

A mill - Night Safari. Photo: Jim Sundberg/GotlandNature


  • Skilled bird- and batguide
  • Transport in minibus
  • Coffe/Tea and cinnamon bun
  • Binocular to borrow – book in advance


20:30 Start Gotland Active Store, Hamngatan 4, Visby. Departure for Roma/Halla.
21:00 We wait for the dusk and listen after the first thrush nightingales and corncrakes.
21:30 Coffe break and then transport to other good places for night sound.
01:30 Return Visby.

Night Safari, mill at Langhammars. Photo: Harriet Cederqvist.
Photo: Harriet Cederqvist

Night Safari summer 2024

June 15.

1190 SEK per/person (Swedish tax incl.)

Book here

Fantastic wonderful. Memories of the walking, intense listening, the light, the magic sounds and "fika". Everything we where taught remains like very good experience. Great thanks to our guide Jim, great arrangement and super professional guiding.

Nattsafari - omdöme
Eva och Sverker
Gammelgarn, Gotland