Wake up to birdsong!

Enjoy the light, the song of the birds and the feeling an early summer morning. GotlandNature.Com offers bird watching mornings around the the island. The walks is for any interested in Nature who would like to recognize the most common bird species in the neighborhood. From Fårö in the North to Vamlingbo in the South, from Västergarn in the West to Östergarn in the East we offer early morning walks for everybody. We focuses specially in the bird sounds. During June, the birds song are intense. The morning time is also best time in day. Willow warbler and Chaffinch is the most common birds in Sweden. We will learn You to separate their different songs. You can borrow a pair of binocular for free! Tell us in advance.

Enjoy bird sond concert and the morning light.

Wake up to birdsong - early morning with breakfast.


  • Experienced  bird guide.
  • A spotting scoop to share.
  • Binoculars to borrow – book in advance.
  • A great breakfast.


05:30 Meet at the breakfast place.
Walking with a skilled bird guide. A special focus on common bird calls.
08:00 A great breakfast and a review of the morning walk.

Wake up to birdsong - wood sandpiper.

Wake up to birdsong 2024

Time: Friday June 19.

Place: Fårögården, Fårö.
Price: 690 sek per/person incl. swedish tax.

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"I'm very pleased with the tour. I will give it the grade five out of five. The walk is perfect in length. We experienced various nature that gives us both land- and seabirds. Nice with the summing up session when we counted the species."

Kundomdöme - vakna med fåglarna
Gun Stålberg