Rare butterflies in Gotland

Common Blue (Polymmatus icarus). Puktörneblåvinge. Not a rare , but common species in Gotland. Photo: Jim Sundberg.
Common Blue (Polymmatus icarus). Puktörneblåvinge Photo: Jim Sundberg.

In Gotland you can find some butterflies which are uncommon or rare elsewhere in Europe. Gotland has an unique steppe like habitate called alvar. The alvar habitate solid ground is limestone cliff with a very thin layer of soil upon it. This environment contain its life of botany and insects by itself. Best time to visit Gotland for exploring botany and insects, including butterflies is from mid june to mid august. Some of the butterflies, e.g. Apollo (Parnassius apollo), Woodland brown (Lopinga achine), Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus male) and Bath White (Pontia daplidice) are pretty easy to find when it is good weather conditions.
Checklist for butterflies in Gotland.

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