Eagle Safari - meet the mighty birds

Enjoy Golden Eagle and White-tailed Eagle during a day tour.

An eagle safari is the best way to get in touch with the big raptors. On Gotland there are 55 pairs of Golden Eagles (probably the worlds most dense population) and 45 pairs of White-tailed Eagles. A very special experience is promised and your chances to meet these species are better here than in any other place in Sweden.
On a tour autumn 2016 17 White-tailed eagles and 5 Golden Eagles were recorded. Since the chance is so good to see an eagle during the tour (actually, we have spotted at least one eagle during the tours), we offer “eagle-guarantee”. Join the next eagle safari for free if we not see a single eagle. Are you interested in a more mixed experience – please try our “nature guide“.

Eagle Safari: Golden Eagle - Aquila chrysaetos. Photo: Torsten Green Petersen.
Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos). Photo: Torsten Green Petersen.

Included in Eagle Safari

  • Experienced eagle guide.
  • Transport in mini bus.
  • A spotting scope to share.
  • You can borrow a binocular – book in advance. 
  • Bring your own lunch or book.


07:45 Meeting GotlandActiveStore, Hamngatan 4, Visby.
08:00 Transport southwards. We are searching for the eagles (White-tailed and Golden) where they use to hunt. Lunch in field when suitable.  During the day we do a visit to the bird tower in Stockviken, Öja.
16:00 Return to Visby.
Eagle Safari: White-Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla).
White-Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla).

Eagle Safari autumn 2020

Saturdays October 3 and 24.
890 sek p/p incl swedish tax. Lunch package 170 sek p/p incl swedish tax.

Book here.

We did see the large eagles well. The eagle guide, Jim Sundberg, was very skilled and fast to find the birds for the group. It was a very nice tour with a good company of people. Lars Tilling – participant.

Lars Tilling

I'm really pleased with the eagle safari. I had a very nice weekend in Gotland. The weather was fine. The eagle guide was skilled and was very good to explain the differences between white-tailed- and golden eagles.

Maie Undén
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