Nature guide - enjoy the secret Nature in Gotland

With a nature guide from us you will find the gems and go deeper. No matter if your interest is birding,  botany or butterflies. We will pick you up at the ferry, airport or hotel and take you straight to nature. You will reach the most secret places in the wonderful island.

Fårö with the rauks

The small island, Fårö, former home of the famuos movie director Ingmar Bergman, has more to offer beside long sandy beaches and limestone rauks. Montagues harrier has here the strongest population in Gotland. In spring and summer you can often see it hunting over the harsh landscape. In southern part of Fårö, at Limmor moor, you will find barred warblers, corn crake and collared flycatchers.

Nature guide: Avocets, Recurvirostra avosetta. Photo: Torsten Green-Petersen.
Avocets, Närsholmen. Photo: Torsten Green-Petersen.

Secret places

A very interesting area you will find in the south-eastern part of Gotland, at Närsholmen and the very shallow Lausvik. At Närsholmens juniper savannah, the russian director Tarkovskij shot the well-known “Sacrifice”. This area show an impressing richness of birds and plants. A perfect place for a full day tour. If you would like to be alone and private in the islands most secret and beautiful places, go with a nature guide from Gotland Nature.

Nature guide: Birdwatching in Västergarn. Photo: Jim Sundberg/GotlandNature.Com.
Birdwatching in Västergarn.

Tailored guidning

Of course we make up a tailored schedule of the day. All depending of your needs or expectations. You decide where to go. Together we create the plan. The nature guide will give you the best of Gotland in one day. Do You have a specific interest in eagles, we will recommend the eagle safari.


  • Meet the nature guide at ferry, airport or hotel
  • Experienced nature guide: birding, botany or butterflies
  • Outdoor lunch (locally produced)
  • Transport during guiding
  • Binoculars to borrow
Nature guide: Green-winged orchid (Anacamptis morio).
Green-winged orchid (Anacamptis morio).
Naturguide: Drew och Serena with GotlandNature at Närsholmen.
Naturguide: Drew och Serena with GotlandNature at Närsholmen.

Price and booking

Contact us if you you would like an offer!

Price: 1250 SEK per person. Minimi debit (4 pers) 4900 kr.

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